Volunteer Introduction Program

Want to become a regular volunteer with Tree of Life? Please join us for a one-hour introduction class to get involved.

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Community Volunteer Needs

Want to get involved right away? Listed below are on-going volunteer opportunities in each region.

Provide 'To-Go' Meals


Volunteer as a Meal Host with our Community Kitchen ministry on Thursday evenings

Thursdays at 5:30pm


Provide 'To-Go' Meals


Volunteer as a Meal Host with our Community Kitchen ministry on Tuesday evenings

Tuesdays at 5:30pm


Donate Food

Leesburg, Purcellville, Sterling

We rely on food donations to maintain our Food Pantries. Help us keep our shelves stocked and feed the community. For more information contact our Food Pantry Managers, PantryManagers@tolministries.org

Volunteering Impact

2020 25,000 Helped
2019 17,000 Helped
2018 16,000 Helped
2017 9,700 Helped
2016 7,000 Helped
2015 5,000 Helped

Frequently Asked Questions

We deeply appreciate volunteers for their commitment to supporting our community. We want to ensure that volunteering is fun and convenient, so volunteers can focus on enjoying the blessings that come from serving others. This page provides information for all our existing volunteers; if you have any questions that are not addressed below or would prefer to reach out directly to TOL staff, just email the appropriate Regional Coordinator. Thank you for supporting Tree of Life Ministries!

Purcellville Regional Coordinator: Jennifer Del Grande jdelgrande@tolministries.org

Leesburg Regional Coordinator: Shayne Johnson sjohnson@tolministries.org

Sterling Regional Coordinator: Evelyn Miah emiah@tolministries.org

You Make All the Difference

Your generous donations allow us to continue to serve our local communities. Donations are tax deductible, and we gratefully welcome gifts of any amount.



The root of Tree of Life is our prayer – communication with our God. Everything we do is bathed in prayer.

Your prayers make ALL the difference

Our Tree of Life Chaplain coordinates our prayer across all Branches. If you would like further information about how you can stay home and still help the poor and needy, contact us to discuss joining our Prayer Team.

Find Out How to Pray with Us

Email: partnercare@tolministries.org

Phone: 540-441-7920

Need Help?

If this is an an emergency, please call 911.

We want to get you to the right place as quickly as possible. Our services are listed above, please let us know which you are interested in by phone or email.

540-441-7920 Monday - Friday: 9AM - 2PM

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Prayer Request

"Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you."
- Jeremiah 29:12

Please complete the information below, and our Prayer Team will lift your prayer request to the Lord.

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      Where do I find the list of current opportunities for existing volunteers?

      All our active opportunities are listed by region on our VolunteerEasy site. Please click the link for the appropriate region and then click “Find an Opportunity.” If you are interested in helping with a ministry that does not operate on a regular schedule (such as Working Hands or an annual event), please email your Regional Coordinator.

      Volunteer opportunities by region:

      Purcellville: https://www.volunteereasy.com/site/PurcellvilleVA20132

      Leesburg: https://www.volunteereasy.com/site/LeesburgVA20176

      Sterling: https://www.volunteereasy.com/site/SterlingVA2021


      I used to volunteer at Tree of Life and would like to get more involved again – how can I plug back in?

      If you have attended a Volunteer Introduction Program (VIP) session in the past, just email your Regional Coordinator. They will activate your volunteer profile and help you find the ministry that is right for you! If you have not attended a VIP, please click here to sign up for one of our monthly sessions.


      I'm having trouble viewing and changing my volunteer schedule on VolunteerEasy; how do I make sure I'm signed up for the right times?

      First, log in at https://www.volunteereasy.com. This takes you to your personal dashboard for volunteering. On the left of the screen, click OPPORTUNITIES then VIEW MY SIGNUPS. This will take you to a list of all the active volunteer opportunities that you are currently approved to work for. You can view and update your schedule by clicking the VIEW/ADD SCHEDULE button listed next to each opportunity, which will bring up your current schedule window (if you have set a schedule). On the View Schedule window, you can click “view dates” to see what you have already signed up for; use the EDIT button to change any of those dates.

      Screen Example

      You can also view this short video (6 mins) for a step-by-step guide to scheduling:

      Your VolunteerEasy Schedule



      I would like to volunteer with my children but they are too young to manage their own VolunteerEasy profile – what is the best way for me to sign them up and let TOL know they will be with me when I volunteer?

      A great way for families to volunteer together is to register as a team! This allows parents to manage their children’s volunteer schedule and ensures the Ministry Leader knows you are coming as a family and not as an individual. To register as a team, go to the VolunteerEasy site for the applicable Tree of Life region:

      Purcellville: https://www.volunteereasy.com/site/PurcellvilleVA20132

      Leesburg: https://www.volunteereasy.com/site/LeesburgVA20176

      Sterling: https://www.volunteereasy.com/site/SterlingVA2021

      Then click the tab that says TEAMS. This will take you through the Team registration process – be sure to use the email you have on file for your individual account with VolunteerEasy (as well as the correct email for any other adults you are adding to the team). Children can share your email address if you prefer, just enter your email for each of them and check the box that says you will be sharing.

      Once you are registered, you can click on FIND AN OPPORTUNITY and sign-up for the volunteer opportunity of your choice (even if you are already signed up individually, you will need to do this step for your team.) Once you are approved, you can set your team schedule.

      You will notice the next time you go to your personal VolunteerEasy dashboard that on the bottom left you will now have a MY TEAMS option. When you click on it, you will see your team information and menu options. To schedule your team, click MY OPPORUTUNITIES and then SCHEDULE FOR OPPORTUNITY. Once you set your schedule, you will see it listed under both your individual (PARTICIPANT) menu and the MY TEAM menu.

      Screen Example

      For additional help, this video provides a step-by-step process of registering as a team, signing up, and scheduling: