Volunteer Leadership Openings


We are looking to fill some key volunteer leadership roles with TOL!  Do you have the gift of leadership, organizing, supervising, and developing?  If so you can play an important role in helping us support the many volunteers and ministry activities desperately needed by the poor in our communities.  Our initial onboarding and training processes give you what you need to be successful.  Let’s make a better community together!  Please contact info@tolministries.org with your interest.

Branch Directors – a critical role for the regional leadership team reporting directly to the Regional Director.  Develops and directs branch ministries to serve the poor and those living on the margin.  Supervises individual ministry leaders, ensures volunteers are supported with direction, guidance, logistical support, training.  Works as a member of the regional team comprising the five branch directors and the regional director.  (See openings below)

Food Director – Develops, maintains, supervises ministry leaders and volunteers for our food ministries including area food pantry, weekly community meals, and other food supporting services for TOL events.  Works with food providers (grocery stores, food banks, other organization) to keep pantry stocked.  Has a passion to serve those experiencing food insecurity in their lives.

Lifeskills Director – Develops, maintains, supervises ministry leaders and volunteers for basic learning programs serving the poor to lift them up into better circumstances where education, training, and mentoring can provide a hand up.  Programs typically center around training for improvement in financial, employment, language, health, and spiritual well-being.

Health Director – Develops, maintains, and supervises connections with local community health (medical, dental, vision) providers that are willing to donate time and services to serve the poor and needy within their community.  You are also equipped to educate the poor on basic wellness initiatives, and provide services like blood pressure monitoring, and basic health checklist monitoring.

Relief Director –Develops, maintains, and supervises ministry leaders and volunteers engaging with key constituencies of the poor, the elderly, and children/adults with cognitive disabilities and special needs.  Also supervises the local distribution of the budgeted Relief Fund that helps the poor meet temporary basic expenses not covered by their income.