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Lord, I’d like to think I am a good Samaritan, but I know it goes beyond doing good works. Please help me to have the heart to reach out to others in compassion.

Luke 10:25-32

The “preamble” to the Parable of the Good Samaritan begins with a question from a lawyer. The lawyer was not forthcoming with his motive for testing Jesus. His question implied that he currently did not have eternal life but wanted to know what he needed to do for God to grant him eternal life. He knew the law of Moses, and when asked, he repeated a verse from the Jewish shema, Deut. 6:5, a verse that was recited daily to remind the Jewish people about their purpose. He knew the law well, as he also recited Leviticus 19:18.

After affirming the lawyer’s answer was correct, Jesus also implied that knowing these things was good, but doing these things was true obedience to the law. The answer didn’t fully satisfy the lawyer, as he pried deeper. Just who is it that God wants us to love?


In His reply to the lawyer, Jesus told a story. He didn’t say it was a parable; it may have even really happened. The story involved a man who was travelling from Jerusalem to Jericho, a very steep and dangerous path. The man may have come from presenting his offering at the temple. He was dressed well enough to have clothes that someone else would want and perhaps was carrying other possessions.

A priest also on his journey from Jerusalem to Jericho passed by on the other side. He may have viewed the man as close to death. Touching a dead man would make the priest unclean. If he became unclean, it could hamper his journey. A Levite, who assisted the priests, also could have made the same claim, for the same reason.

Lord, is there anyone I have been ignoring so that I won’t be inconvenienced?
Please let me love them as You love them. Amen.

May you be blessed,
Chaplain Wayne Ruckman

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