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Blue Ridge Bible Church
770 S 20th Street, Purcellville, VA

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SimplyBe Coffee
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Lord, when I’m empty, alone, drained, tired, and deprived of Your Word, encourage me to seek You and eat spiritual food that will fill me up.

Proverbs 6:6-11

The writer, King Solomon, doesn’t hold back. He addresses the problem directly: there are times when I am a sluggard—one who is lazy and not diligent. He uses a tiny ant as an example of how I should act. Without any direction or accountability, the ant prepares for the future and gathers food at the proper time. What causes me to be sluggish? If an ant’s ways are considered wise, then anytime I make unwise decisions I can become sluggish. Sluggishness therefore is not just a state of a laziness; it is also the product of allowing my mind to become unfocused and unclear.

My mind can get in this state when I’m not pursuing spiritual disciplines to keep my self-control. Anytime I make decisions without being “prayed-up”, I am operating with a sluggish mind. This is anytime I pursue a direction without consulting God’s Word and praying, then I am wading in the waters of sluggishness.

THINK ABOUT THESE THINGS: When will I get up out of my sluggishness? When I wake up from my sluggish ways! The poverty which comes like a thief is spiritual poverty. The moment I let down my guard, I increase my likelihood to sin. My spiritual guardrails are in full force when I am “spiritually awake” and lose their impact when I’m asleep at the wheel.

Just as the ant is busy gathering physical food, I likewise should be busy gathering spiritual food. Feeding my spirit not only requires prayer and meditation on God’s Word but also using my gifts to meet the needs of others. Using my spiritual gifts is another way I feed my spirit. When I confess and repent of my sin by faith, God cleanses my heart with His forgiveness. He fills my heart with fruit from the Holy Spirit. Lord, I do not wish to be spiritually poor. Please help me seek You with all my heart and fill my spirit with spiritual fruit that the Holy Spirit provides.

May you be blessed,
Chaplain Wayne Ruckman

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