February Newsletter


Impacting the Hungry Beyond

Our Food Pantry ministry, perhaps the most widely known and widely supported of all of our ministries, operates at all three of our centers – Purcellville, Leesburg & Sterling. We receive food donations from businesses, local farms, churches, civic groups and other members of the community. Volunteers help receive food donations and then process them for redistribution, including dating, sorting and delivery packing. On a weekly basis, volunteers teams deliver two to three weeks’ worth of groceries to Partners in need.

Our model is to offer a Hand up, not a Handout, so these teams take the opportunity to fellowship and pray for Partners to foster a relationship and share Christ’s love. A Leesburg Partner shared recently:

Thank you so very much for coming out to check on me and bring me food, along with investigating this condo for its unfortunate condition. Then taking my trash out just sealed it up. You are truly a Blessing that was sent from above and I am forever grateful. I don’t feel so alone as I once did, as you have made that happen.

This is the impact we hope to make in each delivery.

But that is only part of the story! Our Food Pantries often receive food that is expired or is otherwise unusable for grocery delivery in Loudoun County. We in turn share this food with several other organizations and local farms, so nothing goes to waste! One of the largest beneficiaries of this shared food is Pastor Allen Sisson of Living Water Ministry, Inc. who collects every Monday morning and distributes to approximately 10 other churches and pantries across Virginia and West Virginia. He stated that Tree of Life is “vital” to their mission which reaches beyond our Loudoun borders to predominantly elderly and single parents. In 2022, His ministry touched over 21,000 people with the help of our shared food! It is so incredible to witness how God uses our Pantries to touch so many lives!


Working Hands Ministry in Action

Over a crisp January weekend, Purcellville volunteers with our Working Hands ministry completed a yard project for a local partner. The Town of Purcellville and the Purcellville Police Department reached out for our assistance sprucing up a home in town. We were happy to contribute and pulled together a team of willing and ready Working Hands. We love partnering with our community to make a difference for those in need. If you are interested in volunteering with this ministry, please visit our website to get connected!


Story Time Returns to The Clothing Closet

We are pleased to announce that Story Time will resume on Wednesday, February 8th! This is our opportunity to offer A Bit More to the community, hosting children every week in the store for a Bible story or a classic children’s tale!


SimplyBe Connected

As part of our outreach to the disability/special needs community, we invite parents and guardians of special needs children and adults to SIMPLYBE CONNECTED – an opportunity to meet, talk and connect on the third Wednesday of every month.

Are you new to the area or to the special needs community?
Are you a seasoned parent or guardian with a heart to mentor or help others?

On Wednesday, February 15th the discussion topic is Financial Planning. Guest Speaker, Cortney Heykoop, ChSNC, will share how to prepare financially for your child’s future and yours. We hope you’ll join us and get Connected!


Save the Dates!

Volunteer Introduction Program: Leesburg-2/16, Purcellville-2/18, Sterling-2/20

Story Time: The Clothing Closet-2/8 @ 9:30am

Valentines Craft Day – SimplyBe Coffee-2/14, 9am-3pm

SimplyBe Connected: SimplyBe Coffee-2/15 @10am

Give Choose – 3/28

Learn More

This is something I may be tempted to say. I may quote Philippians 4:6 to go along with it: “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” It’s true that God holds the answers to my anxiety, but sometimes I’m so overwhelmed by my feelings, I don’t know what to do. What then?

While speaking with a partner this week who struggles with anxiety—I’ll call her Ann—I explained that we can’t read this verse out of context. When reading this verse, notice it falls in the middle of a paragraph, and therefore we need to also read the verses before and after it to fully understand its meaning.

The passage starts in verse 4: “Rejoice in the Lord always, I will say it again! Rejoice!” Rejoicing is key in reducing my anxiety. If I shift my focus from myself to the Lord, then I will be less anxious. Try it; it works! The next time you feel anxious, sing or play a joyful song to lift your spirit, and see how the Lord shifts your focus to Himself. It also works by just lifting your voice and praising the Lord!

The following verse (verse 7) states: “And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” This tells me the result and outcome of rejoicing—I will feel a peace I won’t be able to understand, and this peace will put a covering over my heart and mind to help me focus on Christ.  It will be such an overwhelming experience; I’ll want to share it with others.

This is exactly what happened with Ann. She felt the peace of Christ enter her heart and mind once she began rejoicing. She was amazed at how quickly the transformation took place. Ann was thankful Tree of Life was available to give her spiritual insight and blessing along with the food, clothes, financial assistance, health vouchers and the many other needs we are able to meet for her and those in need.

May the Lord bless you today also!

Chaplain Wayne