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Coffee with a Cause - Extending employment and internship opportunities to individuals with special needs.

SimplyBe Coffee Shop Leesburg VA




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Leesburg, Virginia, is a charming town with a rich history and a growing coffee culture. In the heart of Loudoun County, Leesburg is more than just a picturesque spot—it's a community that embraces its local businesses, including a vibrant array of coffee shops like SimplyBe Coffee. Whether you're a resident or a visitor, these coffee shops offer a place to relax, socialize, and enjoy some of the finest coffee in the region.

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SimplyBe Coffee, located in the heart of downtown Leesburg, VA, offers a unique blend of community spirit and quality coffee. It's more than just a coffee shop; it's a place with a mission. As an extension of Tree of Life, a Christian ministry dedicated to supporting the poor and needy, SimplyBe Coffee seeks to create positive change in the community through its work.

One of the remarkable aspects of SimplyBe Coffee is its commitment to providing employment and internship opportunities to people with special needs. This commitment is part of the shop's mission: "Coffee with a Cause." The ministry, known as Still Waters, is designed to empower individuals with special needs by offering them a platform to gain meaningful work experience and connect with the community. This inclusive approach adds a layer of warmth to the coffee shop’s welcoming atmosphere, making it a favorite coffee spot for locals and visitors alike.


Popular Coffee Drinks in Leesburg


SimplyBe Coffee in Leesburg caters to all preferences, from classic espresso-based drinks like lattes and cappuccinos to unique seasonal specialties. Fall might bring pumpkin spice lattes, while summer could mean cold brews and iced coffees. There's always something new to try, keeping customers excited about each visit.


Relax at SimplyBe Coffee


In addition to its noble mission, SimplyBe Coffee offers an inviting space for guests to relax and have a cup of coffee or tea. The coffee shop features a cozy lounge area, perfect for hanging out with friends, reading a book, or getting some work done. From live music nights to poetry readings, these events add an extra layer of community engagement. It's not uncommon to see local bands performing or artists displaying their work, making coffee shops vibrant cultural hubs.


SimplyBe Coffee Club


SimplyBe Coffee also provides a unique subscription service through its Coffee Club, allowing members to enjoy unlimited drip coffee, cold brew, and tea for just $10.99 a month. With a free branded mug included in the subscription, it's a great deal for regular customers and coffee enthusiasts. This club helps foster a sense of community among frequent visitors and encourages them to make SimplyBe Coffee their regular spot for caffeine fixes and social connections.


The Role of Coffee Shops in Leesburg's Tourism


Coffee shops are a significant part of Leesburg's tourism industry. They attract visitors looking for a unique experience and a taste of local culture. Whether you're exploring the historic downtown area or visiting one of Leesburg's many festivals, a stop at a coffee shop is a must.

Overall, SimplyBe Coffee is a coffee shop with a heart, combining quality drinks and food with a compassionate mission. Its prime location in downtown Leesburg and its commitment to inclusivity and community engagement make it a standout option for coffee lovers who appreciate great coffee and a great cause.

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Hours of Operation

Mon - Fri: 7am-3pm & Sat: 9am-3pm

208 Church Street, SE, Leesburg VA 20176

Store Manager

Cheryl June









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