Here am I! Send me!

“Here am I! Send me!”

“In the year that King Uzziah died…” (Isaiah 6)

The most defining life moments are typically very personal – a wedding, the birth of our children or the onset of illness. Rarely is a single event so ubiquitous, so universal, that it becomes the reference point for time itself.

The enormity of Isaiah’s encounter with God is referenced in the context of King Uzziah’s death. Isaiah responded to the Lord’s question: “Whom shall I send?” with the simple statement, “Here am I. Send me!” The rest of Isaiah’s life is then defined by his dedication and service to his people and to the One called Wonderful Counselor.
Yesterday saw the passing of my own beloved monarch. It is difficult to convey, perhaps even comprehend, the sense of loss borne by a nation in mourning for their sovereign. “In the year that Queen Elizabeth II died” will undoubtedly become one of those rare reference points for time itself. Her Majesty’s own life was defined by dedication and service, both to her people and to the One called Wonderful Counselor.

In all my years, I cannot recall a Christmas message the Queen broadcast where the
name of Jesus was not lifted high. I believe unreservedly that she was providentially called to serve and had responded, “Here am I. Send me!”

Moments in history like that experienced yesterday come infrequently. As followers of Jesus Christ, it seems appropriate to reflect on the moment and to examine our own response to the voice of the Lord when He asks: “Whom shall I send?” My prayer is that we might collectively respond with dedication and service to the poor and needy and say, “Here am I. Send me!”

Every blessing,

Paul Smith
Chief Executive Officer