Go and do likewise!

Perhaps the most famous parable shared by Jesus appears only once in the four gospels – The Good Samaritan, found in Luke chapter 10. The story Jesus tells is in response to a question from a religious teacher – “and who is my neighbor?”

Jesus then introduces the story of a man who was beaten by robbers and left half dead. At least two individuals we are told ‘passed by on the other side.’ One individual, commonly referenced as the Good Samaritan was different. He ‘came where the man was and took pity on him.’ He then ‘went to him’ (giving of his time), ‘bandaged his wounds’ (giving of his talent) and having ‘took the man to an inn, paid the innkeeper’ (giving of his treasure).

Put differently, the Good Samaritan gave, gave again and kept giving. He was inconvenienced and yet did the right thing. Jesus summarized His teaching by asking that we “Go and do likewise.”

Genuinely, it is the privilege of a lifetime to work alongside amazing followers of Jesus Christ who do exactly that – go and do likewise. You give, give again and keep giving. You are in the place where the poor and needy can be found (where the man was) and just like the Samaritan, you return week in and week out to take care of those in need.

Jesus asked that we “Go and do likewise.” Thank you sincerely for bringing life to those words every day across Tree of Life Ministries.
Every Blessing,

Paul Smith
Chief Executive Officer