Blessed are all who wait on Him.


Waiting is usually not on our wish list. More often than not, we want to skip the waiting and get to the goal.

Last Sunday marked the onset of Advent in the Christian calendar. Advent (or arrival) symbolizes a time of waiting for a coming King, a King who we are told by an Old Testament prophet would be called Immanuel (God with us). During Advent, candles will be lit across the globe symbolizing the waiting of a coming Savior, Jesus.

After the passing of 400 long years, we see another prophet at the outset of the New Testament who awaits the arrival of a Savior. Simeon, when holding Jesus in his arms, was moved to proclaim: “My eyes have seen your salvation.”

Life is full of waiting. Often times, we wait anxiously and fearfully. The circumstances we encounter daily at Tree of Life are often with precious individuals who have lost hope in their waiting. We have the endless joy of sharing with people who have lost hope that our eyes have seen His salvation – in Jesus.

Significantly, during the waiting period of Advent, the first candle lit is the Candle of Hope. In Jesus Christ, whatever our circumstances, hope NEVER eludes us. We always have hope because the claim of the prophet of old has been fulfilled and God the Father, through the coming of God the Son is ‘with us’ thanks to the power of God the Spirit.

Do not lose hope today – however long and hard your trial might seem. Why? In the words of the same prophet of old:

“The Lord longs to be gracious to you, He rises to show you compassion. For the Lord is a God of Justice. Blessed are all who wait on Him.” Isaiah 30. 

Compliments of this precious Christmas season. Thank you for helping reach out to the poor and needy in our community with the love of Jesus Christ.

Christmas blessings,

Paul Smith
Chief Executive Officer