August 2021






Relief Branch



Purcellville’s new Relief Branch Director is Cindy Welsh, a treasured community leader. She has brought energy and enthusiasm to our existing ministries and developed new programming throughout the summer, especially for Day Break and Still Waters.


Enjoying The Last Weeks of Summer

New Day Break (ministry for senior adults) activities include regular Coffee Hours, Bible Studies, field trips and a special End of Summer BBQ on September 1st!


Still Waters Art Class

Our Still Waters ministry for individuals with special needs has enjoyed watercolor classes, Coffee Hours, skating parties and even participated in Purcellville’s Fourth of July Parade.


Save the Dates!
Top Golf Fundraiser 9/6
Volunteer Recognition Picnic 9/25
TOL Annual Golf Tournament 10/12




We are so excited to be able to host our Annual Clothing and Furniture Giveaway events this year, combining our Spring and Back to School events combined into one amazing clothing, furniture, and backpack giveaway!


Our Leesburg event will be held on August 21st from 9am to 12pm at Crossroads Baptist Church. Our Purcellville event will be held on August 28 from 8am – 11am at Purcellville Baptist Church. Visit the event links below to learn how to DONATE or VOLUNTEER.






Spiritual Growth Update
We are thankful to all of you who have been praying for Tree of Life, as we are all the body of Christ working together. I find God at work around every corner and in every corner of Loudoun County, as we continue to share the love of Jesus Christ to the poor and needy.
David says in the Psalms that we all are poor and needy, and I find that is also true. I see the measure of faith that so many have received, and I find that some of the greatest faith fills the hearts of those who have no one else on whom to depend but God. I see Jesus in the hearts of the hopeless, and I also see Him through the grace and generosity of those who have sacrificed to give to others.
My message for today is that the love of Jesus transcends language barriers and cultural barriers. When we come together to share what we have, we encounter Him at work. He is blessing a group of Spanish-speaking ladies I just met in Leesburg, a lady who isn’t a Christian but wants a ride to church in Sterling, and a family that needs bed linens in Purcellville. Through each of these outreaches, there are relationships to be built, but none is greater than the relationship that Jesus wants to build with each of them, as well as each of us.
We are currently seeking volunteers to serve as Spiritual Directors in each of our regions, plus many more to pray, call and visit our partners. If you are interested, please email me at