September 2022


Back-to-Back Clothing Giveaways

We are filled with awe at the working of the Lord at both Leesburg’s and Purcellville’s Clothing Giveaways! An incredible amount of planning, effort and energy went into both of these events. These were truly COMMUNITY events, created by the community for the community! Our army of volunteers contributed mightily by donating over 1335 hours of service (705 hours in Leesburg and 630 hours in Purcellville)!

It was truly a labor of love in both regions, and we were able to impact the communities in a tremendous way! A TOTAL of 916 individuals were served – no one was turned away, and ALL attendees heard a Gospel message!

Here are the highlights:

The numbers are compelling, but the stories of impact are truly heartwarming! Just a few are shared below.


During a recent phone interview for a Food Pantry delivery, I was struck by the obvious need of one of our Partners based on the answers she was provided regarding food. Nothing was refused or turned away. I asked her if she had any prayer needs. She asked for me to pray that she and her husband would be able to pay their bills and for more work hours for her husband, as they were struggling to provide for their three teenagers. I then shared the details of our Clothing & Backpack Giveaway to be held the next day in Leesburg. The Partner was overcome with emotion and exclaimed, “Glory to God ! This is such wonderful news!”  She had been unable to secure school supplies for her teens beyond one notebook each, so this event gave her much-needed hope and relief. I volunteered at the Giveaway and saw that she did indeed receive all the clothing and school supplies she needed for her family.  -Food Pantry Volunteer



On Saturday, the Clothing Giveaway provided: clothes, breakfast, haircuts, backpacks and Bibles. The Gospel was shared, and prayer requests were taken. For the short time that they are at the Giveaway, people are “loved” by their community, through the volunteers who are there to provide for them. The physical needs of the community are great, and you can see this by the empty tables at the end of the day. The Spiritual needs are also great, and you can see this in the eyes and feel it in the hugs of the people who attend. The Clothing Giveaway was a great success and was such a wonderful opportunity for us to meet these needs. Thank you for the opportunity to serve on Saturday, I truly appreciate it.  -Prayer Team Member

I met K towards the end of the Clothing Giveaway. K told me how she has had a traumatic few years, how she’s starting to feel safe again and get back on her feet. K is a single mother raising two children and is two years into her Bachelors in Business Management. K told me of how hard the past few years have been, emotionally, physically and financially. K is looking for a Church that has childcare, so I was able to tell her all about Purcellville Baptist Church (PBC). I prayed with K, gave her a hug and walked her into the hall to find some clothes. K was welcomed with a smile, handed a bag, and a group of volunteers helped K to find some clothes in her children’s sizes. I could tell that K was touched by the kindness of the volunteers. One of the volunteers who was helping K, works in the childcare ministry at PBC, and was able to tell K about what PBC has to offer. In just the few minutes that K was at the Giveaway, so many of her needs were met. K left with a bag of clothes for her children, she was listened to and prayed for, and she may even have found her next Church home. This was so wonderful to see.  -Prayer Team Member

Praise be to God that we were able to reach out to the poor and needy with the love of Jesus Christ!

Leesburg’s New Director

We are so pleased to welcome Amy Montgomery as our new Leesburg Director!  And it is no coincidence that the former and current director have the same last name – they are married! Where the Lord closed one door, he opened another for us and for the Montgomerys!

Amy comes to TOL with a passion for helping the poor and needy. Having served over 11 years as a middle school teacher, she is excited to lead our volunteers into action with much enthusiasm and love of the Lord.

Living in Leesburg has helped Amy and her family recognize the great need for our communities to have compassion for the less fortunate. She is “ready to engage and join hands with her board to bring the message of Christ to Partners through the many opportunities Tree of Life offers.”

As Alex shared, “If you liked me, you are going to love her!” Well, we already do!  Stop by our Leesburg Center to meet the newest member of our team!


Story Time is back at The Clothing Closet!

As a way to offer A Bit More, we are excited to announce the return of Story Time on Wednesdays mornings at 9:30am, starting September 14th!  We will be sharing Bible stories and classic children’s stories.


SimplyBe Coffee now offers online ordering!

Order ahead and stop in to pick-up! Same great SimplyBe experience in a timeframe that suits your schedule!

To order, simply search for SimplyBe Coffee in your web browser and access the order button or follow this link –



We have reached 19% of our goal of $100,000.  As of 9/1/22, we have raised $19,338.00!


If you have ever been to one of our “Coffee with a Cop” events, then you know just how much TJ loves our local law enforcement! He earned himself and other staff members a tour of the Leesburg Police Department station and has received some pretty cool swag from Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office and Virginia State Police too. It’s no surprise to us that he admires those who serve and protect because that’s how we would describe TJ too – someone who serves and protects. His heart for others is shown by the way he talks to and about his coworkers, always with a smile and always with kindness. TJ truly takes great care of his coworkers. He loves to serve customers in the coffee shop and prefers to hand-deliver orders versus passing them across the counter, so he can ask about your day.


Save the Dates!

VIP sessions:  Leesburg – 9/15, Purcellville – 9/17, Sterling – 9/22

TopGolf Fundraiser – Labor Day, 9/5

Annual Volunteer Recognition Picnic – 9/24, Potomac Green Park

Annual Golf Tournament Fundraiser – 10/4, Raspberry Falls

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In August, we shared the gospel of Jesus Christ with over 850 people, who came to our Clothing Giveaways in Leesburg and Purcellville. During that time, many people told us they accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

So what is the gospel?

Romans 10 defines it as “confessing Jesus as Lord” and “believing in your heart that God raised Him from the dead.” John 3:16 says that God loved you and me so much that He sent His son Jesus to die for our sins. God then raised Jesus from the dead.  God gave us forgiveness of sins when we believe in Jesus as His Son and our Lord, and through this act of forgiveness, God assures me and you of eternal life with Him forever!

How do I know that’s true? God has prompted my heart to turn to Him and confess my sin, and to offer my life to Him. Whatever I do, and wherever I go, God is with me. I know that He is at work in me by the things that He guides me to do to glorify the Father. He declares that through my faith in Him I am saved, not by anything I have done, but that I have believed that God sent Jesus to die for me and to raise Him from the dead.

It is this message I give you today, so that you may see also that God is calling you closer to Him so that you can hear and believe as well. Over the next month, please pray for our SHARE Team as we seek to glorify His Name by preaching and sharing the gospel of Jesus with all who are willing to listen.

May you be blessed,
Chaplain Wayne