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Tree of Life collaborates with many healthcare providers in the community to serve the needs of those without insurance.  Vouchers are not for immediate, life-threatening conditions, for payment of medical bills already incurred, or for routine services, such as physicals.

SPECIAL MESSAGE  - By Lynn Frost, Healthcare Director


Dear Tree of Life family,


As we face the Covid19 crisis and uncertainty in the days ahead, I’d like to reassure our Tree of Life community that there are many things we can do to survive and even thrive while we practice the crucial social distancing needed to slow this pandemic.


First of all, pray! Encourage your families to pray! In this age of meditation and mindfulness, I find a two way conversation with our heavenly Father to be a lot more productive. While you pray, breathe in faith and breathe out fear. It’s proven to lower blood pressure.


While practicing the guidelines of social distancing we all know by now, continue to reach out to family, friends and neighbors by phone or if possible through video conferencing apps. If you are able, help others with groceries, yard work or just an outdoor visit from a distance. Your own mental health will benefit as well as theirs.


Avoid watching news 24/7. Take a break and watch a funny movie or your favorite show. Study God’s word! Try new recipes! Make sock puppets with your kids and put on a show! Spend some time outside if possible and enjoy the spring blossoms and flurry of wildlife activity. Appreciate the miraculous cycle of nature that our God created. Read Matthew 6:25-34.


Lastly, resist fear. Focus on facts that our doctors and scientists are presenting. Pray for them! Be a quiet calming influence among those you encounter. Rather than sharing fear and anxiety, share the love of Jesus with them. I often refer to the many verses in the Bible that address fear. Click here for a link to some of them.


This may be the first (and hopefully last!) world wide crisis in our lifetime so let’s view it as an opportunity. Let’s plan to come out on the other side of this with stronger faith, better relationships with our neighbors, a focus on the things that are truly important, and a greater appreciation of the one thing we can depend on to never change--the sovereignty of our God and His unfailing love. If Tree of Life can help you in anyway, please let us know.


God bless all of you-- and know that you’re in our prayers.



Lynn Frost RN, BSN, is a retired Labor and Delivery nurse with 35 years experience and has served as Tree of Life’s Healthcare Director for the past five.  She and her husband Doug have been married for 37 years and have three adult children. They are long time members of Purcellville Baptist Church.


URGENT CARE VOUCHERS assist those who need to see a doctor but are unable to afford the visit.  Tree of Life collaborates with INOVA Urgent Care to provide vouchers for people in need.


DENTAL VOUCHERS assist those who need to see a dentist for a cleaning or for more extensive care.  Individuals applying for a voucher will be assigned a participating dentist.


EYEGLASS VOUCHERS assist those who have a qualifying need for eyeglasses.  Basic frames are utilized; contacts are not covered under this program. Call 540-441-7920 to apply for a Voucher.

A Healthcare Coach will work with each individual to:


• Identify current health needs to educate, monitor and develop goals

• Learn about health insurance options

• Identify community resources and assist with connecting to local ministries
   and churches


A Healthcare coach does not act as a physician, provide medical treatment or advice, or provide payment for outstanding medical bills.



Call 540-441-7920 to obtain an appointment with a Heathcare Coach.



Tree of Life is seeking individuals with medical training to provide help for people seeking Healthcare Coaches.  If this is your training and background, sign up here!


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